Editorial Structure

The four partners nominate two editors each (creating an 8‑member Editorial Board).

One member of the Editorial Board has administrative responsibility for convening meetings and coordinating the Board’s work with the title of “Coordinating Editor”.

The rotational system for editors will be:

  • initially, four of the editors (one from each region) are appointed to 6-year terms, while the other four editors are appointed to 4-year terms.
  • subsequently, all terms will be 4 years, creating a system where half the editorial Board is replaced every two years.
  • The role of Coordinating Editor will rotate through the four partners, and will be for two years, each appointee (other than the first) having been required to have already served two years on the Editorial Board.

Example of Rotation System for the Editorial Team

The numbered red sections display how the Coordinating Editor is to be rotated through the 8 member editorial team.