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Psychoanalysis.today’s editors share their thoughts on what the international psychoanalytic ejournal means to them.
Meeting August 2021: Conversation with the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association on PT Issue 14: ‘Racism, Caste, Class, Faith’

This video presents in summary form the joint scientific activity carried out by the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association (APA) and the ejournal Psychoanalysis.today on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 on the presentation of issue n° 14 of the ejournal Psychoanalysis.today: "Racism, Caste, Class, Faith" Participants: Eugenia Salas, Cristina Rosas de Salas, Marina Kon Bilenky, Mirta Noemí Cohen and Liliana Pedron. Includes a link to a video about racism made between Marina Kon Bilenky and Wania Coelho Ferreira Cidade. [In Spanish only]
Issue 15: Language and Unconscious Process

Laurent Danon-Boileau is professor emeritus at the University of Paris: René Descartes and a former researcher at the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) specialising in child speech acquisition and pathology. A training analyst at the Psychoanalytic Society of Paris, he has also published three novels. Here, he talks to Psychoanalysis.today's Coordinating Editor Chantal Duchêne-González about his observations on the complex role of language in psychoanalysis, with particular regard to the treatment of autistic children.
Interview August 2021: New constitution in Chile: reflection of a new social pact

After a powerful social outbreak that broke the previous social pact, Chile became involved in an electoral process to choose representatives to draft a new constitution. In this interview with Psychoanalysis.today editor Maria Cristina Garcia Vasconcellos, Alfonso Pola, titular member of the Chilean Psychoanalytic Association, explains how this process has taken place and proposes a psychoanalytic way thinking about this subject, which is also happening in other parts of the world as a phenomenon of today's culture. (Available in Spanish only)
Issue 14: Psychoanalysis and racism in Brazil

For our issue on ‘Racism, Class, Caste, Faith’, Psychoanalysis.today editor Marina Kon Bilenky talks to Wania Maria Coelho Ferreira Cidade, former President of the Brazilian Society of Psychoanalysis of Rio de Janeiro and current Director of Community and Culture of the Brazilian Federation of Psychoanalysis (FEBRAPSI), on the lack of racial diversity in Brazilian psychoanalysis (both analysts and patients), and how this reflects widespread structural racism in the country as a whole.
Interview June 2021: Covid-19 in India

India has been catastrophically affected by Covid-19. In this interview with Psychoanalysis.today editor Gouri Salvi, renowned psychiatrist and researcher Dr Vikram Patel, describes the situation as an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, resulting in an entire population that has been traumatised. He explains why a complete overhaul of mental health care is necessary, and that for the country to truly heal, a truth and accountability commission will be required. 
Interview April 2021: Brazilian doctors and Covid-19

The situation regarding Covid-19 in Brazil is a disaster, with a new death taking place every 30 seconds. Health professionals are bearing the brunt of this. Here, Psychoanalysis.today editor Marina Kon Bilenky, finds out about the experience of Isabela de Paula, an intensive care physician working in Covid intensive care units since the start of the pandemic. (Portuguese with English subtitles)
Issue 13: Adrienne E. Harris & Sverre Varvin interview

For our issue on Psychoanalysis and the Community, which looks at the ways in which psychoanalysis enters the world, Psychoanalysis.today editor Dr Adrienne E. Harris interviews Dr Sverre Varvin, private analyst, professor at the Oslo Metropolitan University and chair of the European Psychoanalytic Federation’s Working Group on Trauma. They discuss the very particular trauma experienced by migrants and refugees, its long-term impact on body and mind, and ways in which healing can start to take place.
Interview February 2021: Maria Cristina Garcia Vasconcellos & Patrícia Alkolombre

In this new interview, Psychoanalysis.today editor Maria Cristina Garcia Vasconcellos interviews Patrícia Alkolombre, who is a full member of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association, currently Co-Chair for Latin America of the Women and Psychoanalysis Committee of the API (COWAP-API) about the approval last December by the Argentine Senate of the Bill for the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, which legalises abortion up to the 14th week of gestation. They discuss the history of this landmark decision and the social, emotional and health impact of it. (Spanish with English subtitles)
Interview January 2021: A. Chris Heath & Harvey Schwartz

For our new series of monthly videos, Psychoanalysis.today editor A. Chris Heath talks to Harvey Schwartz about what happens when a psychoanalyst creates a podcast. Supervising and Training Analyst at the Psychoanalytic Association of New York and the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia, and Chair of the IPA Committee on Health, Dr. Schwartz talks about his two podcast series: 'Psychoanalysis On and Off the Couch', and 'The Mind, Body and Soul in Healing'. This video is available in English only.
Issue 12: Chantal Duchêne-González & Cristina Lindenmeyer Interview

For our issue on the body and psychoanalysis, Psychoanalysis.today editor Chantal Duchêne-González interviews Cristina Lindenmeyer – psychoanalyst, Professor of Psychoanalytic Psychopathology and Director of Research at the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord.
PT Interview Virginia Ungar & Liliana Pedron

IPA President Virginia Ungar talks to Psychoanalysis.today Coordinating Editor Liliana Pedrón about Psychoanalysis in the Community, commenting on IPA's Community programme and structure, and on the IPA in the Community Online Congress on this subject: 'Psychoanalysis Beyond the Couch': 31 October, 12 December, 30 January, 6 March. The video is part of Psychoanalysis.today's new series of videos, which will be made in their original languages but not translated. This video is available in Spanish.
Issue 11: Adrienne Harris & Amy Luers Interview

For our issue on psychoanalysis in the time of pandemics, Dr Adrienne Harris interviews Amy Luers, the executive director of Future Earth and the director of the Center for Sustainability in the Digital Age, on the intersect of climate change and Covid-19.
The Empty Couch

Rosine Jozef Perelberg, President of the British Psychoanalytical Society, wrote and produced this film which, with stunning imagery, is a BPAS homage to workers at the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic and reflects on the impact of lockdown.
Video Tatarsky [English]

Andrew Tatarsky talks about addictions (Issue 9)
eJournal Silvana Rea ENG

Silvana Rea talks about sameness and otherness (Issue 7)
Harris Video English

Young people talk about their experiences (Issue 5)
eJournal : Interview with Janine Puget (ENG subtitles)

Janine Puget speaks about intimacy (Issue 4)
Marie Rose Moro – Migration

Marie Rose Moro speaks about migration (Issue 3)
Violence in the workplace - part 3

Christophe Dejours speaks about violence in the workplace - part 3 (Issue 2)
Violence in the workplace - part 2

Christophe Dejours speaks about violence in the workplace - part 2 (Issue 2)
Violence in the workplace - part 1

Christophe Dejours speaks about violence in the workplace - part 1 (Issue 2)
Psychoanalysis.Today eJournal Project

President Stefano Bolognini speaks about the new Psychoanalysis.Today eJournal Project.