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         Issue 16: Fake News


1 April 2022

As a translation of the expression ‘fake news,’ on October 4th, 2018 the Commission for the Enrichment of the French Language opted for the word ‘infox,’ a neologism juxtaposing the words ‘information’ and ‘intoxication,’ a quite fitting contraction of the two words given that if ‘fake news’ has always been around, it currently pervades the social field. To what do we owe this growth? This is what Issue 16 of Psychoanalysis.today, the final thematic issue of our online review, proposes to examine. A closing number will reprint the articles which have left their mark on the journal. And this is not fake news! More

If we cannot seek the truth, all hypotheses in the current mentality are considered of equal value and scope, with a significant power to confuse and destroy concepts and structures.
Will post-empathy follow post-truth as society shifts from a print to a digital information architecture? And if so, can psychoanalysis minimize the loss? Maybe, it’s up to us.
Homo sapiens is a brilliant species with a tragic flaw; we kill our own kind. Is it possible to change our collective consciousness, consciously?
Like the unconscious that creates psychic reality, fake news alters material reality. But such phenomena can only be understood in light of the enigma of authority – a transference phenomenon.
Prof. Dr. Phil. Habil. Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau
‘Have You No Shame?’: On Post-Truth and Fake News
The shameless promotion of the ‘Big Lie’ can be analyzed as a fetish, a fecal phallus revealing the perversion of the current campaign against the results of the US presidential election.
Lies have underpinned Brexit, leading in turn to further lies. A culture of lying has developed in British politics under Boris Johnson. Why have the lies been so successful?
Fake news and the psychoanalytic frame. A singular clinical incident.
‘Fake News’ has always existed. The ‘Fake News’ of today is of the interconnected world, of different quality to previous ones. It shows the use of defensive processes that deny external reality.
Issue 16: Fake News

For our issue on fake news, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and writer Dr José Eduardo Abadi is interviewed by Psychoanalysis.today editor Liliana Pedrón. In their discussion they address the relationship of fake news to reality, fear and power.
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Psychoanalysis.today’s editors share their thoughts on what the international psychoanalytic ejournal means to them.
Meeting August 2021: Conversation with the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association on PT Issue 14: ‘Racism, Caste, Class, Faith’

This video presents in summary form the joint scientific activity carried out by the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association (APA) and the ejournal Psychoanalysis.today on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 on the presentation of issue n° 14 of the ejournal Psychoanalysis.today: "Racism, Caste, Class, Faith" Participants: Eugenia Salas, Cristina Rosas de Salas, Marina Kon Bilenky, Mirta Noemí Cohen and Liliana Pedron. Includes a link to a video about racism made between Marina Kon Bilenky and Wania Coelho Ferreira Cidade. [In Spanish only]
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