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         Issue 15: Language and Unconscious Process

Image: Ancient Phoenician text on papyrus

1 November 2021

For its fifteenth issue, Psychoanalysis.today examines the links that exist between language and the unconscious. Language allows humans to express their thought and to communicate thanks to a system of conventional signs that make up a language. Mother tongue, foreign languages – the very format of this psychoanalytic journal, published in five languages, poses the question of how they relate. More

Dr. med., Dipl. Psych. Valérie Bouville
Which Language?
In this article, psychoanalytic case studies are used to examine and illustrate the influences of the unconscious on the preference or rejection of a language.
To justify the pleasures of destroying the scapegoat, we imagine scenes of violent attacks on us, on our loved ones, on our nation.
The analyst works at the crossroads of two regimes of language – one solely semiological, and the other perlocutory which gives access to the most hidden psychic part.
Ms. Nilofer Kaul
Psychic Punctuation
How do our patients talk to us? In the language of embedded punctuation marks may lie a story the patient is trying to tell us.
Using the metaphor of fishing, for emotional reasons they can pick a ‘nearby-word’ or a ‘far-away-word’ or find that the fishing line was ripped by a traumatic experience.
Psic. Eliana Rache
Beyond Verbal Language
Myriads of languages intersect the session in order to be captured and given meaning within an unhappened history of a Being who never came to be.
Is the mother's language the mother tongue? What happens when we express our experiences in another language?
Dott.ssa. Cinzia Lucantoni
Dott.ssa. Paola Catarci
Language, Unconscious, Writing
This paper focuses on significant and peculiar factors about writing in psychoanalysis. A paradoxical link between psychoanalytic writing and unconscious is explored.
What is Psychoanalysis.today?

Psychoanalysis.today’s editors share their thoughts on what the international psychoanalytic ejournal means to them.
Meeting August 2021: Conversation with the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association on PT Issue 14: ‘Racism, Caste, Class, Faith’

This video presents in summary form the joint scientific activity carried out by the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association (APA) and the ejournal Psychoanalysis.today on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 on the presentation of issue n° 14 of the ejournal Psychoanalysis.today: "Racism, Caste, Class, Faith" Participants: Eugenia Salas, Cristina Rosas de Salas, Marina Kon Bilenky, Mirta Noemí Cohen and Liliana Pedron. Includes a link to a video about racism made between Marina Kon Bilenky and Wania Coelho Ferreira Cidade. [In Spanish only]
Issue 15: Language and Unconscious Process

Laurent Danon-Boileau is professor emeritus at the University of Paris: René Descartes and a former researcher at the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) specialising in child speech acquisition and pathology. A training analyst at the Psychoanalytic Society of Paris, he has also published three novels. Here, he talks to Psychoanalysis.today's Coordinating Editor Chantal Duchêne-González about his observations on the complex role of language in psychoanalysis, with particular regard to the treatment of autistic children.
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