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         Issue 12: The Body and Psychoanalysis

Image: Androgynous Eros Holding a Pyxis (C) RMN-Grand Palais / Hervé Lewandowski

Ursula Burkert, 14 December 2020

Here we launch our new issue, ‘The Body and Psychoanalysis’, featuring nine articles from psychoanalysts around the world and a video interview with Franco-Brazilian psychoanalyst Cristina Lindenmeyer. More

Image: Androgynous Eros Holding a Pyxis (C) RMN-Grand Palais / Hervé Lewandowski
Contemporary psychoanalytic theories exploring ambivalence around ‘motherhood’ place an emphasis on unconscious psychic conflicts that contribute to a delay in childbearing.
Sra. Cláudia Aparecida Carneiro
The Body is Under Analysis
In the virtual environment of an online session, the patient needs to see on their screen a ‘live’ analyst who does not neglect the corporeal dimension of the intersubjective relationship.
Dr. Dianne Elise
The Erotic Body
If, as I propose, psychoanalysis is an erotic project, what is the role of the body, the erotic body, in any given treatment as it unfolds over time?
Psic. Luis Fernando Orduz
The Body in Quarantine
Multiple body: Con-tact. Warp. Eros. Chafe. Skin. Obscenity. Evanescent body: Chaos. U-tops. Erection. Rapidity, Obs-cure.
The body in psychoanalysis is firstly an erotic body. But it is not given at birth, it is constructed.
Mourning our collective history of misogyny requires us to keep Eros in mind. Otherwise we repeat the melancholic effect of misogyny in the process of sympathy or mourning.
In a world that is becoming more and more virtual, will bodies become more distant and prohibited? A clinical vignette opens questions which as yet have no answer.
The tattoo itself, as well as the process of tattooing, carries not only its consciously perceived meaning but also numerous unconscious functions and aspects of meaning.
Life and death in six feet. The legal requirement for burying a corpse in plague-stricken London (1665) and for social distance in plague-stricken USA (2020). Death as the price for touch.
PT Interview January 2021: A. Chris Heath & Harvey Schwartz

For our new series of monthly videos, Psychoanalysis.today editor A. Chris Heath talks to Harvey Schwartz about what happens when a psychoanalyst creates a podcast. Supervising and Training Analyst at the Psychoanalytic Association of New York and the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia, and Chair of the IPA Committee on Health, Dr. Schwartz talks about his two podcast series: 'Psychoanalysis On and Off the Couch', and 'The Mind, Body and Soul in Healing'. This video is available in English only.
Issue 12: Chantal Duchêne-González & Cristina Lindenmeyer Interview

For our issue on the body and psychoanalysis, Psychoanalysis.today editor Chantal Duchêne-González interviews Cristina Lindenmeyer – psychoanalyst, Professor of Psychoanalytic Psychopathology and Director of Research at the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord.
PT Interview Virginia Ungar & Liliana Pedron

IPA President Virginia Ungar talks to Psychoanalysis.today Coordinating Editor Liliana Pedrón about Psychoanalysis in the Community, commenting on IPA's Community programme and structure, and on the IPA in the Community Online Congress on this subject: 'Psychoanalysis Beyond the Couch': 31 October, 12 December, 30 January, 6 March. The video is part of Psychoanalysis.today's new series of videos, which will be made in their original languages but not translated. This video is available in Spanish.
 Call for Contributions
1. Psychoanalytic Reflections
Psychoanalysis.today is concerned with problems in many fields of human experience:  politics, society, culture, human relationships, environment, the intrapsychic world, intimate experience and so on, and we believe that psychoanalysts should contribute to the discussion of contemporary problems. 
 2. Psychoanalysis in the Community
Our work, projects and relationships to the communities we live and work in have been identified as important projects for the IPA during the presidency of Virginia Ungar. We want to hear about the various local projects that institutes or individuals are participating in that bring our psychoanalytic ideas and practices into local community work.
We invite you to submit a contribution to either of these discussions. You may choose from a variety of formats: texts (up to 1000 words), films (up to 5 minutes), pictures, cartoons or interviews that are connected to the topic you wish to share. 
We invite you to submit any 1000-word contribution in 1-2 of the journal’s languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German). The responsibility for the quality/accuracy etc. of any translations are solely on the contributor. Please submit your contributions to info@psychoanalysis.today

Contributions will be peer reviewed on the basis of content, interest, clarity and creativity. The Editorial Board will decide on publication.

Please feel invited to share with us your ideas, experiences and interests.
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