Dipl. Psych. Ursula Burkert

Dr. Daniel Alfredo Biebel

  I was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1949 and I lived there until I graduated as a Doctor at National University of Rosario in 1972. In 1973 I moved to Buenos Aires to do my residency Dynamic Psychopathology at the Italian Hospital (Hospital Italiano) under the direction Dr. Mauricio Goldenberg.
 I studied Psychoanalysis at he Argentine Psychoanalytical Association (APA) as well as humanistic subjects, philosophy and languages at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and in private lectures groups. I got married, had a son, two daughters and grandchildren. I've practiced Psychoanalysis of teenagers and adults and Psychotherapy for partners and families  for many years now.
I have participated in the Argentine Society of Psychoanalysis (SAP) as a founder, a senior member with teaching responsibilities, and as a former President. I’ve taught Mental Health at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires. During the several years I have directed the Argentine Association of Epistemology of Psychoanalysis I assessed the importance of joint efforts, research, and synergy with other practices and knowledge to achieve effective results.

I gained experience in the editorial environment. I directed the Commission of Publications of SAP and served as its representative during the development of the Virtual Psychoanalysis Library of Latin America from 2002 to 2005.

In the meetings of Fepal I’ve gained comprehensive experience regarding the value and potential of our region, encouraged and propagated the notion that the interchange of clinical findings, theoretical progress and research projects should grow among the three regions in order to successfully address language and cultural differences and benefit from traditional contrasts.
The E-Journal that we are introducing here, with its multilingualism and its purpose of generating participation and interaction, aims at tackling the aforementioned issues by shaping a community among its members and creating fluid communication with the society in general.