Thoughts from previous editors on
Over its seven years of existence, has been edited by an international team of editors. Here you can read some reflections from previous editors about the project.
Stefano Bolognini, IPA Past-President and Co-Founder of the journal
‘This journal was born with two main aims: to unite psychoanalysts from different continents without any over-determining mainstream, and to give life to a careful and rigorous scientific creativity, but free from academicism, redundancy and clichés. I admired the ability of the editors and contributors to pursue these goals. I sincerely hope that the spirit of this initiative will be inherited by our psychoanalytic community in the future, and that this genuine creativity will return in some form based on the example set by over the years.’
Daniel Biebel, Former Editor and Coordinating Editor, 2015-2020
‘Writing these lines is painful, it's a farewell. It was an honor and a pleasant challenge to have helped to gestate and to give birth to what at the beginning was a verb, an idea, a dream that IPA president, Stefano Bolognini, shared with the then presidents of the Federations. Giving it a name, shaping its structure and support, and helping it say its first words was a beautiful task shared and debated. has grown to become loved by psychoanalysts and non-psychoanalysts around the world. And it learned, from an early age, to tell its stories in several languages. The magazine would have liked to have expanded its range and persuaded everyone that dialogue, mutual knowledge, and sharing are not only possible but necessary and that it is a dream that we must pursue and sustain. The e-journal was successful to some extent and for some time. It was worth the effort and it bequeathed us a great learning experience and many friends. Today we are in mourning.’

Ursula Burkert, Co-Editor, 2015-2021
‘While the political idea of ​​a non-hierarchical scientific-creative cooperation between the IPA and its – at that time still – three geographical regions could not ‘survive’, this global creativity was a great pleasure. And not only to us, but apparently also to a large number of readers all over the world. I really hope that we as humans and as psychoanalysts will not stop being curious about each other and about our ideas.’
Isabelle Lafarge, Co-Editor, 2015-2018
‘In 2015, during his presidency of the EPF, Serge Frisch asked me to join the eJournal’s team. I worked on six issues over three years. These were the early days of the venture for the editors hailing from each continent. At the beginning I was in awe when I met in my office, by videoconferencing, with colleagues from New York, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Cologne, and Lisbon. But very quickly the team made me feel relaxed and the atmosphere – as good as the technical quality allowed for – made it possible for us, at our own pace, to see the first numbers to a successful conclusion. Several memories stand out from this collaboration. The three-part interview with Christophe Dejours on suffering in the workplace figures prominently. Working with the translators was also an opportunity for meaningful encounters. The delightful evening at Liliana’s in the company of the editors, in flesh and blood, in Buenos Aires during the 2017 IPA Congress was unforgettable. In addition to the theoretical-clinical connections that were made between the different psychoanalytic cultures and continents, the interpersonal ties made, in my view, our differences clearer and more fruitful. (Translated from the French by Steven Jaron, Paris.)’