Dr. Samuel Arbiser


Doctor (UBA). Full Member of the Didactic Department of the Buenos Aires Psychoanalytical Association. Full Member of IPA. Professor at IUSAM. Co-Chair of Liaison Committee at ApdeA (Asuncion). Ex Chair of Liaison Committee in Recife (Brazil). Former member of API’s Committees of Ethics, Regulations and Statutes, Publications, and History of Psychoanalysis. Articles published in the Inter. Jour. Of Psycho, J.A, P.A., Revue Française de psychanalyse, Psicoanalisi, Berlin Institut, APM (Madrid), Apdeba, APA.SAP, APU, Revista chilena de Psicoanálisis, Cuadernos (México) Revista anual de Psicoanálisis. Chapters in many books and dictionary entries (Alain de Mijolla) (APA) (IPA) (Pioneros del psicoanálisis sudamericano, edited by Lisman-Pieczanski, Pieczanski). Books: editor of 'On Freud's Inhibition, Symptom and Anxiety' (Karnac Books); author of 'El Grupo Interno. Psiquis y Cultura' [The internal Group. Psyches and Culture] (Ediciones Biebel). Evaluator of works for the Apdeba’s Psychoanalysis Journal, APA, SAP, Inter.Jour.Psychoan, IPAC, and SPPA (Porto Alegre)