Carin-Lee Masters


I am a woman of colour born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1967 during the height of the apartheid regime. I was not able to complete matric as a result of the anti-apartheid youth uprisings in 1985/6 as a state of emergency was declared by the government and schools in communities of colour were shutdown. I returned to school in my late 20's and completed my final year of matric as a mature student. I began undergraduate studies in 1997 at the University of Cape Town and completed my Bachelor of Arts and Honors degree, majoring in anthropology and psychology. Thereafter I was accepted for a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Rhodes University and began practising as a clinical psychologist in 2006 to date. 
In 2018 I submitted my application for psychoanalysis training through the South African Psychoanalytic Association (SAPA) and I am in my second year as a candidate psychoanalyst. I volunteer at the Low Fee Clinic in Cape Town associated with the South African Psychoanalytic Institute (SAPI). I am married and a mother to a wonderful and bright-minded 12-year-old boy.