Dra. Laura Orsi


Psychoanalytical doctor; individual and group therapist.

Full member of the Argentinian Psychoanalytical Association (APA) of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA). Member of IPA’s Social Media Committee and IPA’s Psychoanalysis and Law Committee. Former Director of Publications of Latin America’s Psychoanalytical Federation (FEPAL). Coordinator of APA’s Departments of Psychoanalysis and Society and Press and Diffusion. Community Mediator and Consultant for the National Mediation and Participatory Methods Direction of the Argentinian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Co-author of Psicoanálisis y Sociedad: Teorías y Prácticas [Psychoanalysis and Society: theories and practices], Buenos Aires, Ed. Continente, 2007. Organizer and co-author of Psicoanálisis y Sociedad: Nuevos Paradigmas en Lo Social [Psychoanalysis and society: new paradigms within the social realm], Buenos Aires, Ed. Dunken, 2017 (ebook: 2018). Organizer and co-author of Psychoanalysis, Law, and Society, Ed. Routledge, June 2019.