About Us

Please join us in our celebration of a new on-line worldwide journal to be launched Saturday, July 26, 2015 at the IPA Congress. This dream has been a long time in coming and at last it has become a reality. This achievement is a joyful moment for us as editors.
A central point which we have searched for, even longed for throughout our community was to create a worldwide journal that would have space and  room for different cultures and different psychoanalytic traditions.
This Journal is a consequence of the growing importance of the regional Federations and Associations and their congresses. We are looking for a way to improve communications and exchanges and to follow the developments emerging from each sector. Here too we echo the IPA’s longing which is to improve one aspect of our utopian hopes, to have a journal that is truly international.
This project is intended for the future and has the wish to fulfill the desires of the majority of our membership to attract young analysts to join us.
The commitment to equality became a strong need in the ejournal which has in its organizational form a society that is genuinely ‘egalitarian’ between the three regions and the IPA.
Each organization owns 25% of the costs/property and in that way also 25% of the responsibilities.

At the moment we are 8 editors appointed by our organizations. We are also facing new technologies and new forms of communication. Being confronted with new challenges in today's world means that there is perplexity and uncertainty and we are trying to reflect about all this.

This is a proud beginning. We believe that we will start the creation of a huge editorial group and a wide process of curatorial work.  We are searching to uncover what is the spirit of our times our “Zeitgeist”. As members of organizations and as analysts we are involved in what the Sphinx is asking us at this moment.