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What does the eJournal publish?

  • The e-journal's mission is to engage, inform, and stimulate Psychoanalysts, Psychoanalytical Candidates researchers and any other member of the public interested in psychoanalytical theory and practice.

  • To achieve these aims we publish substantially new research, educational, letters and articles commenting on the clinical, scientific, social, political, and economic factors affecting the Psychoanalytical profession. We are delighted to consider relevant articles for publication from any individual or group, and from anywhere in the world.

  • We aim to publish articles deemed relevant by our editors and NOT containing clinical confidential material.



  • All papers in the eJournal are published with access available to all.

  • There are no current plans to charge for access or for uploading papers to the eJournal.


  • Articles accepted for publication in the eJournal must meet the highest standards.

  • All manuscripts are reviewed by at least five of the editors prior to publication.

  • The editors reserve the right to require changes in formatting at any time prior to publication.

  • The e-journal is committed to fully open peer review. This means that every published article can be reviewed and/or rated by any reader of that article. Should a reader submit a reviewer their comments, and all the comments from reviewers and editors (if any) will also be made public.


  • Authors retain both copyright and the right to be identified as the author of the work in perpetuity and their article can be shared freely (that is, it can be copied, distributed, transmitted and published freely) under the published Copyright conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  • Authors must agree to our Terms and Conditions for publication of material. If you disagree with our policies and terms please DO NOT send us any material for publication.

Advice on writing, laying out, and submitting articles

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