Issue Seven: "Sameness and Otherness"


Chantal Duchêne-González, 1 April 2019

We are happy to present the seventh edition of Psychoanalysis Today, which we have entitled Sameness and Otherness.  More
Dra. Silvana Rea
The Same, The Other
Circling between the same and the other invites us to leave the comfort of the native land, which entails strangeness.
The word, in analysis, testifies to the limits between me and the object, to the meeting of the familiar and the foreigner, also to the masculine and feminine.
When there is a meeting between two people something appears in the world which had not existed before.
What do these patients demand from us, and why, many times, do we find ourselves unable to respond to that demand?
I have been struck by how many of my patients, in some ways, had pointed out similarities they either observed or assumed exist between us.
Psychoanalysis is a theory about the relations between human consciousness and that which eludes it, that which is unconscious, that is other to it.
Dr Basak shows through her work with a Muslim-Hindu couple how a paranoid-schizoid split in society leads to persecution by the majority community of the “other”.
One concrete goal of Freudian psychoanalysis is the recognition of otherness through the acceptance of sexual difference. Is this possible in the internet age?
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Call for Contributions
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