Issue One: "Ghosts"

Why would psychoanalysts be interested in ghosts, given Freud’s foundational text on mourning and melancholia? He sets us the draconian task of accepting the finality of death and the absorption of that reality in the absence of consolations of religion, of melancholic strategies, including the relieving hopes offered by the occult and our visions of an afterlife.  More.
Dr. Eugene J. Mahon
The ghost in Hamlet
Psychological underworlds and afterworlds
Ricardo Velasco Rosas
A phantasm called void
When the subject is invaded by this ghost, the complexity of your mind is transformed and begins a fascination for simplification, apathy and psychic work null.
The ghosts haunting our democratic European nations present some vital characteristics related to our contemporary societies and then to democratic nations.
What follows can be seen as the story of an entire generation, colored by the specifics of our personal experiences as people, as family members and as psychoanalysts.
In Creative Writers and Day-Dreaming, Freud makes a conceptual remark of great importance in regards to phantasy.
Catching sight of a ghost or sensing its presence arouses dread. Clinical practice attests to it as belonging to various pictures. Two vignettes from child analysis display it.
A boy “murdered” his younger brother. Artistic ghosts chased him throughout his journey as a scientist.
Psic. Miguel Calmon du Pin e Almeida
Ghosts - The dream is the guardian of sleep
How tenuous life is! We must live dreaming in order to be able to sleep. We must live of ghosts and exist thanks to them.

  Call for Contributions
Call for Contributions on "Violence":
Psychoanalytic reflections on Violence 
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