Issue Five: "Learning from Childhood/Children"

Lic. Liliana Pedrón Martín,  19 July 2018
Our current issue, 'Learning from Childhood/Children',  presents a theme inherent in psychoanalysis and invites the reader to remember the psychoanalytic literature on the subject. More.
How do analysands use repetition in the service of change? This essay discusses the painting of Paul Cézanne to explore the clinical relevance of an interdisciplinary lens in addressing this question.
From the analysis of adults, Freud brought us to know the vast expanse of the human unconscious. However, he never directly analysed children.
Sra. Patrícia Bohrer Pereira Leite
For Our Young Poets
Children teach us in a spectacular way that we are all poets at heart and that “to poetize” is crucial to our psychological health.
An examination of the conflicts that exist in the minds of patients with eating disorders throughout their psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
A child offers a direct access into his internal world to a psychoanalyst, who is himself a former child still carrying that status in his representational universe.
Ps. Eugenia Valdes
Learning From Childhood
The first unconscious fantasies leave traces that continue to act throughout the lives of people. They embody character, experience and defence mechanisms.
Dr med. Jean-Philippe Dubois
The Child Speaking to Us
While working with a child, an adult analyst will translate into fairly simple words the imaginary psychic operations that operate in the material of the sessions.
Dr. Guillermo Julio Montero
Intimacy and Aging in Maturescence
Dr. João Seabra Diniz
Silence and Intimacy
Psic. Andrea Paola Escobar Altare
The Forms of Ithaca
Lic. Psych. Ana Paula Terra Machado
VIOLENCE: The Hiatus of the Word
Dr. Lindsay L. Clarkson
Dr. Lynne Zeavin
W. John Kress
Violence to Our Planet/to Our Selves
  Call for Contributions
Call for Contributions on "Fragmentation and Breakdown"
Psychoanalytic reflections on fragmentation and breakdown
The next issue of Psychoanalysis.Today will be on the topic "Fragmentation and Breakdown".
We invite you to submit a contribution to this discussion. You may choose among a variety of formats:  texts (up to 1000 words), films (up to 10 minutes), pictures, cartoons or interviews which are connected to this topic.
We invite contributions related to psychoanalytic theory, clinical work and experiences.
Contributions will be peer reviewed on the basis of content, interest, clarity and creativity. The Editorial Board will decide on publication.