Issue Nine: "Addictions"


Marina Kon Bilenky, 13 December 2019

Bringing Addictions to the center of the debate, our e-Journal Psychoanalysis.Today opens a wide tour of our theme, with an array of questioning and thinking coming from diverse psychoanalytical experiences. More
This paper describes the point of tension of a body that conceals and reveals through its marks, which do not always form a narrative sequence, but on the contrary, an addictive one.
Patients often lose the ability to connect and relate through the compulsive use of mind-altering substances. Treating them can feel like a Sisyphean task, with unique challenges to consider.
Weight loss after weight loss surgery is often complicated by the emergence of other addictive tendencies – and regaining it can be extremely emotionally painful.
Addiction seems to be quite a seductive word.
An addiction is a form of unsustainability that suggests a misroute in the construction of a horizontalized interdependence and the paradox of dependence.
Anorexia nervosa can be seen as an addictive disorder that has a strong emotional impact on the social environment of the patient and also on the analytic relationship.
Ps. C. Naly Durand
A Theory about Addictions
This article contends that subjects are not addicted to substances, per se, and explores, instead, the idea of their having addictive organizing core.
Ms. Nilofer Kaul
Psychic Foreclosures
The author uses Flaubert’s Madame Bovary to explore an addictive object world and its manifestation in the form of an insatiable appetite for accumulating proto-aesthetic objects.
 Call for Contributions
1. Psychoanalytic Reflections
Psychoanalysis.Today is concerned with problems in many fields of human experience:  politics, society, culture, human relationships, environment, the intrapsychic world, intimate experience and so on, and we believe that psychoanalysts should contribute to the discussion of contemporary problems. 
 2. Psychoanalysis in the Community
Our work, projects and relationships to the communities we live and work in have been identified as important projects for the IPA during the presidency of Virginia Ungar. We want to hear about the various local projects that institutes or individuals are participating in that bring our psychoanalytic ideas and practices into local community work.
We invite you to submit a contribution to either of these discussions. You may chose among a variety of formats: texts (up to 1000 words), films (up to 5 minutes), pictures, cartoons or interviews that are connected to the topic you wish to share. 
We invite you to submit any 1000-word contribution in 1-2 of the journal’s languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German). The responsibility for the quality/accuracy etc. of any translations are solely on the contributor.  Please submit your contributions to either of these projects via the website, or send them to

Contributions will be peer reviewed on the basis of content, interest, clarity and creativity. The Editorial Board will decide on publication.

Please feel invited to share with us your ideas, experiences and interests.
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