Issue Three: "Migration"

Isabelle  Lafarge, April 30, 2017
Migration is a theme that finds its place in our eJournal, a space where psychoanalytic thoughts from all continents come together. As analysts, the place of the stranger and of strangeness is particularly revealed through unconscious forces. This touches us especially. The burning news of the great migratory movements, urges us to share our experiences. More.
Among the many losses that migrants face, the loss of culture and the language of origin is particularly devastating. Learning the language of exile can be felt like a betrayal of the mother.
Dr. Daniel Delouya
Immigration, time and hope
Immigrants in Europe, in the USA and everywhere. Images and still more images; stories and dramas often exhibited in real time by the media.
Psic. Andrea Paola Escobar Altare
The Forms of Ithaca
Migrations are part of the psychic history of latin América. It is not possible to reflect on what is familiar to us, not to include what has the appearance of others.
An interpersonal psychoanalyst, and immigrant, considers his unique and compelling countertransference experiences in working with immigrants from the Former Soviet Union. 
An average Hungarian meets more UFO-s during his lifespan than immigrants
When there is an avalanche of immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers, the population of the "host country" is usually polarized.
In any way, shape or form, violence is an anthropological phenomenon that is always determined from a human perspective.
It will take several generations to recover from the massive traumatization of refugees. The capacity for thinking is shattered and this creates terrifying conditions of denial.
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Call for Contributions on "Violence"
Psychoanalytic reflections on violence 
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